Thrive@BUET: Win the Campus

Event Date: October 12, 2017

Thrive@BUET is the campus program for students’ wellness and development. For the first time, the campus event “Thrive@BUET”, had been brought to students by BUET Entrepreneurship Development Club. It was the first campaign of the series to be held on the premises of BUET.
“Thrive@BUET” is designed to help students realize their optimal state of wellness. True wellness is more than just physical health—it’s the integration of their emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and financial well-being.
“Thrive@BUET” had begun the journey at our beloved campus with following programs, while many others are in the pipeline.

1. Workshop on “Mindfulness & Stress Management in Student Life.”
After this interactive training by Professional Trainer, students would be able to
– Encounter Stressors Efficiently
– Minimize Stress During Exam
– Minimize Stress at Any Moment
– Train their Brain to Relax
– Build Stress Management Plans for themselves

2. Self-assessment (On-site)
Through this self-assessment, students were able to acknowledge their actual standard of living, what’s their personality says about their cognitive ability

3. Question & Answer 
Students could ask anything regarding campus life and well-being; concerned persons with experiences answered their questions.

Salowa Salam Shaoli
Psychosocial Counselor,
University of Dhaka.

Yanur Islam Piash

Yanur Islam Piash is the former President of BUET Entrepreneurship Development Club and the developer of this website.
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